Everyday 4

BRSD’s “Everyday 4” – An Overview

Schools are busy places, with lots of activities and projects going on.

But underneath all that activity, you'll find a common purpose. Extensive consultation of all stakeholders has been conducted, over a period of years. This has resulted in a vision, mission and beliefs that govern decision-making. Subsequent to that, goals were created that reflect the voices we hear. We also developed a pyramid of success that demonstrates how we work with students.

The Everyday 4 represent targeted and focused division-wide priorities that will propel our growth and ultimately the achievement of our goals. When these four strategies were first developed we called them the "Big 4" because of their importance to the work of teaching and learning. As time has gone on, now we often refer to them as the Everyday 4, because they are the foundation of the work that happens in the division every single day.

We are proud of the alignment throughout the division to our common purpose. It is only through this that we will create an inclusive movement toward positively impacting student success.

We welcome you to review the activities and initiatives underway at the school(s) in your neighborhood and see how they "fit in" to one or more of these four priorities.

If you'd like to learn more about any one of the Everyday 4, just click on it to see a description of what it includes.

Learning Contacts

Lee Ann Ashby-Girard​

Director of Learning - Inclusion

Phone: 780-672-6131 Ext. 5026

Brenda Herder​

Director of Learning - Inclusion

Phone: 780-672-6131 Ext. 5259

Diana White

Director of Learning - Instruction

Phone: 780-672-6131 Ext. 5223

​​​​​​​Patrick Whittleton

Director of Learning - Instruction

Phone: 780-672-6131 Ext. 5231

Natasha Wilm​

Director of Learning - International

Phone: 780-672-6131 Ext. 5247

Michele Tibbo

Executive Assistant - Learning

Phone: 780-672-6131 Ext. 5239

Shan Jorgenson-Adam

Assistant Superintendent - Learning

Phone: 780-672-6131 Ext. 5219

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